What is SafeBAS.me?

  • SafeBAS - Safe Buying and Selling
  • This is a convenient online way of cashless settlement between buyer and seller.
  • This is an automatic, fully transparent and anonymous way to conduct transactions.
  • These are unlimited transactions
  • This is the lack of regulatory bodies.
  • This lack of services of third-party organizations to conduct the transaction
  • No one will ever know the details of the transaction (who transferred funds to whom and for what)
  • All transactions are carried out automatically with the help of smart contracts that are responsible for the security and anonymity of the transaction
  • All transaction transactions are stored in a blockchain - a distributed database, in which storage devices are decentralized and which no one controls
  • All calculations are made in the popular anonymous cryptocurrency Ethereum

How the SafeBAS.me secure transaction service works

  • You negotiate in any way convenient to you about the conditions and amount of the transaction, in messengers, personally, etc.
  • The Customer (Buyer) creates a transaction in the service by entering the address of the Contractor (Seller) and the amount of the transaction.
    Funds are frozen on the smart contract.
  • The parties comply with the terms of the transaction/li>
  • Further, the Customer and the Contractor confirm the execution of the transaction and the percentage of the division of the fee.
  • after confirmation of the transaction by both parties, the smart contract automatically transfers funds to the parties to the transaction, according to their agreement.
  • If the parties are not agreed, the frozen funds are returned to the original wallets.
  • Service is anonymous and free

How to create a secure deal

After agreement with the Customer (Buyer) of the service / product in any way convenient for you, enter the address of his Ethereum wallet and the amount of the transaction in the appropriate fields.
Next, click" "Create deal".

pay for the deal, use the funds on your own Ethereum wallet and Metamask browser extension. .

The funds will go to the address of the smart contract and there "will freeze" until confirmation by both parties of the fulfillment of the terms of the transaction.

How to confirm a deal

In order to confirm the transaction, it must first be found on the Ethereum network. To do this, enter the address of your Ethereum wallet in the search field and click the Search button.

If you have already created a transaction or participated in it as one of the parties, you will be shown a table with all transactions in which you participated.

Green highlighted transactions that you have already confirmed.

Select one of your transactions by clicking on the appropriate field in the table.

Further divide the fee. By default, the contractor is entitled to 100% of the contract amount, which means that the terms of the transaction have been completely fulfilled. Also, by agreement of the parties, you can set your percentage of the division of the amount of the fee.

The transaction will not be completed if the parties indicate a different percentage of the division of the transaction amount. Negotiate.

Click "Confirm the execution of the deal" and follow the instructions of the plugin

If the participants in the transaction have confirmed its execution, the funds from the smarcontract will be automatically transferred to the Contractor’s (Seller) wallet.

In case the participants could not agree on sharing the transaction amount, the funds from the smart contract will be automatically returned to the Customer’s (Buyer’s) wallet.

What is a smart contract ABI

The ABI (application binary interface, ABI) smart contract is an interface for connecting and working with a smart contract, which lists all functions with parameters. Using ABI you can connect to a smart contract using a third-party interface, other than SafeBAS.me, to view and manage your transactions. For example, using offline or online cryptocurrency wallets, such as Mist, MyEtherWallet and others.

Main and Test Network

The main network is located at safebas.me. The main network uses a real broadcast, which is worth some money.

To view the main features of the service, you can use the test network. The test network is located at ropsten.safebas.me. Test air can be obtained on taps, for example here faucet.ropsten.be

Service API

Get all transactions with this address: address


Returns data in JSON format where:

dealIdTransaction number
executorThe address of the performer
customerCustomer's address
dealvalueTransaction amount
persentPerformer percentage
executorAnsExecutor confirmation
customerAnsCustomer confirmation
stateTransaction status
lastupdateLast update time

Earnings using the service on your site

If you provide the services of "Guarantor", place the code in any convenient place on your site and get a commission on each transaction

Разместите код в любом удобном месте вашего сайта и получайте комиссию с каждой сделки

 <iframe width="100%" height="480" frameborder="0" src="https://safebas.me/?agent=wallet"></iframe>

Where wallet is your Ethereum wallet address, for example, https://safebas.me/?agent=0xA0871cEaC72f042d69b996DcefAf1b7b23535fA1
For each transaction created using your wallet address, the smart contract will transfer you an agent's fee in the amount of 0.1% of the transaction amount.